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Here is a selection of our media resources, which include various training & information videos.

Episode 3 of our series 'Why Work In Care?' focuses on financial reward.

Whilst we can't say it is the best paid job, our carers are rewarded with the highest pay we can afford whilst still making a profit and any increases in fees received are directly reflected in the pay of our care team.

EDS Homecare offers shift pay so if your first call starts at 0700 and your last call finishes at 1400 then you will be paid for 7 hours work. On average our full-time carers are paid £26,500/year, with some earning even more.

EDS Care Autism and Aspergers awareness training video which has been specifically tailored to the health and social care sector.

In this video we aim to outline the basics of autism and aspergers so that you can effectively deliver care every day to those who might need it, being mindful of some traits and symptoms you are likely to find when supporting someone with aspergers and autism.

The first in our weekly series of “Why Work In Care?”.

This video is a short presentation about how much care gives back, not just to those we care for but also how much we get back ourselves as carers.

Job satisfaction is key to a professional carer and working for EDS Homecare provides this in spades.

In this video we discuss the key factors where a care package might need to be put in place.

  • Are you or your parents/relatives struggling with daily tasks?

  • Are you increasingly lonely?

  • Do you wish to remain living at home?

We discuss all of these factors and promote the concept that geting help early actually helps to maintain and stabilise independence for longer.