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My Mum Really Cares

My mum really cares, it is part of being a nurse
She gives help to those in need, she’s the best in the universe

She used to work in hospitals but now visits patients houses
For some she helps cook tasty meals and others helps find their trousers

Mum has quite a lot of patients, she visits them day and night
Most of them are well behaved, but some try give her a fright 

Some patients are very ill and need help to dress and wash 
Some live, in tiny houses, whereas others are very posh

Some patients only want a chat. Others need palliative care
My mum say’s getting care at home is something you can’t compare 

Some patients have bad memories and can’t remember who she is
I just always call her mum; they call her Anita, Sheryl and Liz 

Some patients need extra help as their family live far away.
In holidays I do visits with Mum, and they all smile and say “hooray”! 

I have to wear my little badge as her glamorous care assistant
Mum says that with my cheeky smile her patients are less resistant

They always ask how I’m finding school and say how much I’ve grown
They say “I remember when you were a baby. OH! How the time has flown” 

Mum says a carer can be anyone, even a family member
The job is needed all year round, from January to December

Mum’s working hours are long, and she’s often tired and stressed
I try to help and tidy up, but my bedroom’s still a mess

She goes out in rain and ice and wind until her hair stands on its end
Her umbrella gets bent inside out and she gives it daddy to mend

I remember with all the winter snow; Mum was wrapped up like a yeti
She trudged in the cold across fields and streams to go look after Betty

Some days she’s really happy; some days she’s really sad
Some days I find she cannot speak or gets super cross with dad

Mum still helps me with my homework, and always finds time to chat
One day when I was feeling blue, she brought home a ginger cat!

To relax she likes to take hot baths and soak her feet for a while
She reads her book and eats some cake and drinks her camomile

I love our family holidays when I have her to myself
Playing games, riding bikes, and reading books from my shelf

Back home she never seems to stop, she is a dynamo
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all eaten on the go

My Granny is a nurse as well, she started this caring business
My uncle Marky is a doctor now so he’s the best for sickness

Caring’s what our family does, and I am next in line
I’m proud of mum and what she does, so I think this will be fine

Though sometimes I wish I saw her more, she loves me with all her heart
We’re all like one big family and that’s the most important part

Mum says you shouldn’t have favourites; but I thought I’d name a few
My favourites are the naughty ones and I’m their favourite too!


Eric, Doris, Betty, Mabel, Ethel, George and Stan
Audrey, Nora, Brian, Olive, Lucy, Kate and Fran 

Not forgetting…

One-legged Terence, Blue-haired Pollyanna and Shuffling Slippers Man
I’m happy we all can share my mum, and I can call you Grandpa and Gran

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